XLIGHT Extra Light & Thin Porcelain



XLIGHT - Extra Light & Thin Porcelain

XLIGHT Porcelain tiles are extra-large panels of porcelain clay that will suit the most demanding needs of architects and designers. XLIGHT laminate porcelain tiles have also been reduced to a minimum tile thickness, which has not compromised the inherent superior performance of the porcelain tile technology. With its various finishes and solid colors available at a low water absorption rate, the XLIGHT thin tiles are suitable to be used over existing wall coverings, exterior cladding, and commercial or residential wall applications. XLIGHT is a perfect option to be used in remodeling projects as it maintains labor costs to a minimum. Since the XLIGHT series are comprised of extra light porcelain tiles, they become the ideal solution for many applications and void the need of removing existing surface to tiled areas where the weight is a main concern.

XLIGHT’s extra-large and extra-light porcelain tiles’ versatility makes them suitable for a wide array of applications, from bathroom walls or backsplashes, to elevators, concealed doors and wardrobes. The XLIGHT thin porcelain tiles have redefined the industry’s understanding of porcelain tiles, opening up new horizons and ensuring endless benefits with the guarantee and quality assurance of the Porcelanosa Group.