Spirit I

Spirit I Vanity (Roble Intenso/Acero Gloss)

Installation Photos

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Spirit I
Colors Brown, Beige

The Spirit vanity - developed by Joaquin Torres and Rafael Llamazares of A-Cero design - is comprised of a large, oblong wall-mounted piece. The Spirit vanity is available in stone or wood elements. The design motif behind the Spirit collection, which was inspired by flowing sculptural lines, allows for each piece in the collection to fit together in any combination due to their unique shapes - even if they vary in materials.

Product Information

  • A-cero dark or gloss stone sink
  • Roble intenso or roble ceniza cabinets
  • Wall mounted unit
  • Designer series by A-cero

Available Colors

Roble Intenso  Roble Ceniza                   

Component Description

[L175000015] Spirit I Vanity (Roble Ceniza) - 71" x 16" x 8"
[L175000016] Spirit I Vanity (Roble Intenso) - 71" x 16" x 8"

Countertop with integrated stone sink
[L171301224] A-cero Dark - 58" x 17" x 5"
[L171301223] A-cero Gloss - 58" x 17" x 5"

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