Raised Access Flooring Exteriors

            Raised Access Flooring Exteriors
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            Raised Access Flooring Exteriors

            What is Raised Access Flooring Exteriors?

            The outdoor RAF system from Butech is a type of raised flooring for projects where you need to cover outdoor sloping substrates with a flat surface. Outdoor use. This type of flooring consists of a panel with ceramic covering and adjustable height pedestals.


            Raised Access Flooring Panels

            Outdoor RAF panels are made from two porcelain tile pieces chemically glued. This type of panel features no water absorption and high breaking strength: up to 9.8 kN. Available in all anti-slip STON KER, PAR KER and URBATEK models. Format and thickness of each panel depends on the chosen tile from PORCELANOSA Grupo, the usual thickness being 24 mm.

            Raised Access Flooring Structure

            Pedestals are made of weatherproof plastic. They determine the height and the width of the open joint between panels. 4 mm. They adapt to the substrate's slopes thanks to their sloping base. There are two types of pedestals:

            • Stackable 3/8” to 11/4” height
            • Adjustable height from 131/32" to 191/4"


            Pedestals are bonded to the substrate with p-404 polyurethane putty. This type of raised flooring produces flat surfaces which outdoors prevent water drainage and this results in a minimum water buildup on the ceramic tiles.


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