Mood Vanity - Right Ceramic Sink with countertop  (White/Snow)

Installation Photos

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Colors Blue, Red, White

The Mood vanity is a simple, yet extremely functional design. It is comprised of a Krion countertop that has built-in space for towels and a soap dispenser. Because the Mood vanity is made of Krion, it is easy to maintain – with its antibacterial properties, lack of visible joints, and high resistance to damage.

Product Information

  • Krion® countertop
  • Space for towels and soap dispenser
  • Krion® frame mirror with LED lights and sensor
  • Gloss white lacquered wood
  • Rotating drawer and/or space for towel and soap dispenser

Available Colors


Component Description

Ceramic Sink
Mood Vanity (White/Snow) - 48" x 46"

Right Ceramic Sink with countertop
Mood Vanity (White/Snow) - 48" x 46"

Left Ceramic Sink with countertop
[N387000015] Mood Vanity (White/Snow) - 48" x 46"

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