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Krion® Characteristics

What is Krion®?

Krion® is a non-porous, uniform material, made of one-third organic material (high-quality acrylic resin) and two-thirds natural minerals (alumina). It is a new generation of solid surface that is a warm material to the touch and similar to stone. Krion® allows the ability to cut sheets of material that you can then join and thermoform together to create curved pieces. With this ability Krion® is able to create one seamlessly smooth surface. This offers the possibility to use Krion® to create unique designs that are unattainable with any other material.

What are the properties of Krion®?

  • Antibacterial additive free
  • Extremely hygienic material due to the absence of pores
  • It is a repairable material
  • High chemical resistance
  • Seamless
  • Fire resistant Class A
  • It can be glued to different materials with a polyurethane based glue
  • Frost-resistant
  • Wide color range

What can Krion® be used for?

The possibilities are endless but some examples are:

  • Washbasins
  • Vanities
  • Counter tops
  • Shower Columns
  • Shower Trays
  • Cubicles
  • Bathtubs
  • Shower Decks
  • Tables
  • Façades

Color Options

Krion® Solid Surface has a wide range of colors, although white is the most popular choice. Because of its neutrality, and pure white color, it differs from other similar materials, that are not as bright white.

View all of Krion's® available colors here.

*We cannot ensure that the accuracy of the colors on screen or printed material will match actual Krion® Solid Surface material. Be sure to review an actual physical sample.

Ecological Krion®

Ecological Krion® does not emit any volatile compounds. It's a material that can be easily repaired to restore its original appearance, reducing any need for its replacement, and as a result complying with the durability conditions recommended by international environmental guidelines.

Due to its durability, low maintenance and its resistance to fire and chemicals Krion® is a preferred material for commercial purposes such as restaurants and hotels. Any bacteria present has no place to develop and dies leaving surfaces sanitary and germ free, allowing for a more accurate cleaning.

Krion® LUX & Krion® Royal + Lux

Krion® LUX

Lux Krion® has been formulated using acrylic resins that give it a smooth, glass-like texture. KRION® Lux Light Series is a translucent material that can be used to thermoform complex organic shapes.

Krion® Royal + LUX

Royal + Lux Krion® is the most innovative in the Krion® series; it includes mixed particles of transparent materials. This finish is ideal for work surfaces where appearance and features similar to natural stone are needed. It includes crystal-clear particles, but without compromising KRIONTM properties such as non-visible joints, these joints can be made with a curved backsplash and curved edges, all while keeping Krion's® most famous properties, antibacterial, reparable, seamless, non-flammable.