Super-Flex S2

            Super-Flex S2
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            Super-flex S2

            What is Super-flex S2?

            Super-flex S2

            super-flex S2 is a type C2 E S2 high-performance no dust cement-based adhesive, as per EN 12004, for laying all kinds of ceramic tiles on the most used substrates in the building industry. Specially recommended for laying large format, thin porcelain tiles like XLIGHT from URBATEK.

            This adhesive features excellent performance in adherence and deformability with no need for mixing with additives and excellent conditions of use: low dust generation and an only 15 kg package. This state-of-the-art adhesive includes additives and polymers which increase performance. This means that with a 15 kg bag of super-flex S2 you can lay the same tiles surface than with a 25 kg bag of regular adhesive.


            • Cement-based, single component adhesive.
            • Lightened adhesive. Low consumption onsite.
            • Low emission of dust and other airborne particles.
            • Maximum adherence and deformability.
            • High initial adherence and no sagging. Thixotropic.
            • Extended working times. Open time higher than 30 min.
            • Application thickness up to 10 mm.
            • Frost-resistant.
            • Mixing water: 6 l per 15 kg bag


            • Cement-based screeds
            • Cement render
            • Concrete slabs and floors
            • Anhydrite screeds, having previously applied uniprim
            • Plasters, having previously applied uniprim
            • Pre-existing tiles/mosaic/stones*
            • Plasterboard panels
            • Cement-based panels
            • acoustic insulation fonopac r

            Super Flex S2


            Recommended Uses

            • Interior walls with slim tiles as XLIGHT 3+
            • Floors and walls with XLight Premium
            • Large format indoor and outdoor ceramic wall tiles
            • Large format indoor and outdoor porcelain floor tiles
            • High traffic floor tiles
            • Floor tiles on radiant heating
            • Pools and damp environments


            • Large format ceramic tiles
            • High-absorption ceramic tiles and stoneware
            • Porcelain tiles
            • XLIGHT
            • Glass mosaic
            • Natural stone and marble not prone to staining
            •  DQS and other marble agglomerate

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