Politech Premium

            Politech Premium
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            Politech Premium

            What is Politech Premium?

            politech Premium

            politech Premium is a reactive resin adhesive that is super easy to handle and easy to use, especially when we need maximum bonding strength and deformability. It is suitable for most wall coverings and substrates used in construction, ensuring the correct installation of materials such as L’ANTIC COLONIAL’s AIRSLATE. We work with it as a cement-based adhesive, but with the bonding, flexibility, and water resistance capabilities of a reactive resin adhesive. Professional use.

             politech Premium Installation


            • Unbeatable workability; same as that of any cement-based adhesive.
            • Maximum adherence and excellent flexibility; more than 50 mm in transversal deformability.
            • High wettability and long open time.
            • Quick-drying: admits light traffic 6 hours after installation.
            • Application thickness up to 15 mm.

            politech Premium


            • Substrates in concrete and cement or anhydrite mortar.
            • Slabs and cement mortar or gypsum rendering.
            • Plasterboard and wood panels.
            • Existing wall tiles*.
            • Metal sheets.
            • Rubber or PVC surfaces.
            • Surfaces painted with epoxy or polyurethane-based resins.


            Recommended Uses

            • Laying of wall tiles not compatible with cement-based adhesives
            • Wall tiles on substrates not compatible with cementbased adhesives
            • Floor tiles on deformable substrates
            • Floor tiles with special chemical resistance
            • Pools and damp environments, steam rooms and spas
            • Stone sheets for wall coverings as AIRSLATE by L’ANTIC COLONIAL
            • Laying of slate and other natural stones with risk of deformation by water absorption.



            • Large format ceramic tiles
            • High-absorption ceramic tiles and stoneware
            • Porcelain tiles
            • XLIGHT
            • Glass mosaic
            • Natural stone and marble not prone to staining
            • Natural stone and marble prone to staining
            • Slates and similar sensitive to contact with water
            • AIRSLATE
            • DQS and other marble agglomerate


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