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What is Imperband?

Imperband is a waterproof sheet, specially designed for indoor waterproofing of ceramic wall and floor coverings. It is a 3/64” thick polymer membrane with a double thermoplastic polyolefin sheet and covered on both sides by non woven polyester fiber that allow it to be bonded to surfaces using cement-based adhesives. Ideal for use in new construction and refurbishment of showers and baths, and any indoor environment permanently affected by damp.


  • Double thermoplastic polyolefin membrane covered on both sides by non woven polyester fiber
  • Maximum waterproofing with minimal thickness 3/64”
  • Direct installation of the tile on the sheet
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Quick and easy application

Recommended Use

  • Private bathrooms. Built in showers
  • Public toilets and showers
  • Spas and premises in permanently damp environments
  • Balconies and terraces smaller than 107 ft2
  • Do not use in outdoors surfaces greater than (107 ft2



  • Absorbent and non-absorbent ceramic tiles. Porcelain tiles with a water absorption < 0.5% as per EN-ISO 10545-3
  • Glass mosaic
  • Natural stone and marble not prone to staining


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