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Colorstuk Unsanded

What is Colorstuk Unsanded?

Colorstuk 0-4 is a type CG 2 fine grain grouting material as per EN 13888, for grouting joints up to 4 mm. It is easy to apply, resistant and color stable, and it is specially recommended for rectified tiles. A high-tech, fine grained colored mortar for grouting tile joints from 0 to 4 mm · 3/16”. Suitable for all kinds of ceramic tiles and natural stone. Indoors and outdoors.



  • Cement-based, single-component, colored mortar
  • Fine texture mortar for grouting tile joints up to 3/16”
  • Easy to apply and clean
  • Resistant to heat and UV radiation
  • Frost-resistant
  • Wide color range

Recommended Use

  • Tile joints up to 3/16”
  • Indoor wall tile coverings. Specially recommended for rectified tiles
  • Indoor floor tiles, including public buildings

Following applications, replace mixing water by cl-stuk additive

  • Outdoor floors
  • High traffic floor tiles
  • Floor tiles on radiant heating
  • Pools and damp environments



  • Absorbent /non-absorbent ceramic tiles, including porcelain tiles
  • Glass mosaic
  • Natural stone and marble not prone to staining

Following applications, replace mixing water by cl-stuk additive

  • Wall tiles with mosaic-like patterns
  • DQS slabs and other kinds of marble agglomerate


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