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Krion® Ventilated Facades

What are Krion® Ventilated Facades?

KRION® is a product that is solid, compact, pore-free, with uniform properties throughout its section, and which can be transformed to obtain figures and complex volumes. The KRION® surfaces employed by Butech / PORCELANOSA have high resistance to temperatures and chemical agents, are easy to clean and maintain, and offer warmth and beauty, making these solid surfaces ideal for the most demanding applications.

Unlike other materials used professionally, it can be injected, cut, machined, and glued, achieving invisible joints. This property allows designs to freely incorporate functionality and ergonomics criteria which would be otherwise difficult to obtain.



Krion® is a new generation solid surface developed by SystemPool, a company from the Porcelanosa Group. It is a product that is warm and velvety to the touch, similar to natural stone, solid, with a uniform mass, non-porous, available both in slabs and in molded figures, and that allows for an invisible joint between the different pieces.

This product is also hygienic, unreactive, non-toxic, virtually fireproof, easy to maintain and repair, it has multiple transforming possibilities, and a high resistance to chemical agents, water vapor, or the weather.


  • Fire-resistant
  • Resistant to cigarette burns
  • Eco-friendly
  • Antibacterial (no additives)
  • Great durability
  • Resistant to high temperature
  • High degree of hardness and mechanical strength
  • Moldable
  • Large surfaces without joints



In order for the material to regain its initial state, Butech / Porcelanosa recommends to strictly follow the manufacturer recommendations for cleaning tough stains, which are to rub the surface using a green fiber Scotch-Brite® scouring pad. This way the tough stains will disappear, so that any cleaning team will be able to carry out these maintenance tasks without needing to resort to more sophisticated items or special cleaning agents. It can be entirely restored, which means that it can return to its original appearance. Even cigarette burns can be removed with a normal detergent and a scouring sponge.


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