Porcelanosa Celebrates Their Recently Renovated Miami Doral Showroom

On Thursday, November 15th, 2018, PORCELANOSA celebrated a quaint celebration of their recently remodeled Miami Doral Showroom in South Florida. The showroom brings customers and clients alike into a design realm of stunning modern and minimalistic full sized lifestyle settings – including kitchen displays and bathroom vignettes. Only half of the showroom is remodeled at […]

What Does Your Dream Kitchen Look Like?

A dream kitchen begins with inspiration. What inspires you? While you dream of flooring, cabinets, colors and textures, we’ll help you choose complementary or divergent patterns; décor that shines or recedes, two-toned or rich colors, flooring that resembles natural stone or the outdoors. We’ll suggest mosaics, backsplashes and sleek cabinetry with whisper-like closings. If you […]

What’s Cooking in Contemporary Kitchens?

We know there are a lot of decisions that must be made when revitalizing a kitchen. The beauty of creating a contemporary kitchen is that it offers a simple, minimalist look often defined by a black-and-white or a two-toned color scheme. Contemporary kitchens feel welcoming as they typically offer an uncluttered but often elegant look […]

Porcelanosa Showroom Openings & Remodel

Porcelanosa is proud to announce the opening of two showrooms – one in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts and another in Toronto, Canada. The showrooms feature full-sized kitchen displays and bathroom vignettes. The Miami showroom has also recently been given a renovation! Visit our new showrooms today to view our latest releases and begin working on your […]