KRION®: Certifications

1. NSF

NSF Certification (National Science Foundation), recognized body from the United States that acts in the issuance of health, hygiene, and environmental certificates, considers Krion® as a safe material for its direct contact with all kinds of food, without posing any health risk. See list of certified colors on


The aim of the Declare Program is to boost manufacturer transparency, providing consumers with relevant
information abot the composition of the products they buy. The LBC Compliant certificate guarantees that none
of the chemical products used to make Krion®, as specified on the Declare label, are included in the Red List
Building Materials.


The Health Product Declaration (HPD) provides a standarized way of reporting the material contents of building products, and the health effects associated with these materials. This declaration has been developed for both Krion® sheets and Krion® adhesives.

4. SCS

A prestigious certificate with which Krion® complies, specifying that by reprocessing and recycling waste material, the need for new raw materials is reduced. This avoids potential flows of waste products and leads to materials with a minimum 6%, 12%, 20% or 40% recycled content.


This certification, awarded by the Greenguard Environmentals Institute, guarantees that KRION® sheets and adhesives comply with the indoor air quality standards regarding volatile organic compounds (VOC). The awarded labels confirm that the products are apt for use in educational and healthcare environments and the said certificate is recognized in many rating systems, including The Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) and the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).


The REACH regulation governs chemical products in the EU that are manufactured or included as substances in compunds or finished products. The main aim is to guarantee a high degree of protection for human health and for the environment. Krion® has conducted the necessary tests for its sheets, adhesives and cast shapes to be declared compliant with the REACH regulation, thus certifying that it does not contain any of the substances registered on the list of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC).

7. ETA. European Technical Assessment

European Technical Approval (ETA) is a document containing information by a manufacturer on the technical
assessment of a product or kit’s essential characteristics and fitness for an intended use. Each ETA is based on
European Assessment Document (EAD) specifications for products and their intended uses. This is a tool for the
obtainment of CE markings for innovative products not covered by a relevant harmonised European standard and
for drawing up declarations of performance for products and systems. Krion® has been awarded an ETA for the
K-BOLT system by BUTECH.


The French certification body CSTB (Scientific and Technical Building Center) has granted Krion® its official certification.
This certification is key to ensure its use in projects such as ventilated facades, which use Krion® as their main element.


As from January 1st 2012, building products in France must be labelled with a VOC (volatile organic compound)
rating. Krion Porcelanosa Solid Surface has been awarded the maximum A+ rating, guaranteeing low VOC emissions
and thus safeguarding the indoor air quality of buildings.


Bisphenol (BPA), an organic compound mainly used to make plastics, is thought to be harmful to humans. Krion®
therefore guarantees that no BPA is included in its formula. To confirm that it is not present in any of the raw materials
used to make it, a study to this effect was conducted by an approved external laboratory.


Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) are one of the main data-gathering and control tools for determining
the sustainability of a certain product or system. Krion® has an EPD, based on an inventory of quantified environmental
data relating to its products, with categories defined in accordance with pre-established parameters as
per ISO 14040 lifecycle analysis standards. This is quantitative environmental information verified by a third party.

In order to verify the environmental impact of our material, Krion® have developed 3 different Environmental Product
Declarations (EPD) for our latest material Krion® SNOW WHITE EAST® according to the normative ISO 14025 EN
UNE 15804 +A1. This three EPD correspond to the three main scenarios/use applications foreseen in the usual projects
made with Krion® material: Exterior cladding, Interior cladding and Furniture.

All Krion® Product Environmental Declarations have been examined by an external auditor.

LCA and therefore EPD results show how Krion®, thanks to its photocatalytic properties, is a material capable to
generate positive impacts in the environment, putting this way the architectural worldwide prescribers in an advantageous position for developing sustainable built environments.