XLIGHT Premium – The New Ultra Thin and Light Porcelain Tile Collection

For ages, marble has been featured as a design staple in both art and architecture. Today, thanks to their technological innovations, the beauty of marble has been recaptured on the surface of URBATEK porcelain tile materials by Porcelanosa in an exclusive range of products able to bring any idea to life.

The new XLIGHT Premium collection brings the resistance and durability of URBATEK through-body porcelain tile materials to an innovative collection inspired by fine marble and known for its elegance.

Due to the technical and aesthetic characteristics of this exclusive collection, XLIGHT Premium features a wide assortment of different models suitable for use on indoor walls and residential indoor floors, countertops and washbasin units and as cladding on furniture, doors and partitions, among many other alternatives.

The versatile XLIGHT Premium collection ranges from a 120x250cm format for use on walls to a modular 120x120cm format for residential indoor floors. At a practical level, the 6mm thinness of these tile sheets reduces their weight, making them much easier to handle and transport. The XLIGHT Premium collection is perfect for covering large surfaces in elegant uniform colours, with top-quality decorative details and finishes.

The XLIGHT Premium collection is also available in a huge 12mm-thick 150x320cm sheets, which allows for even more applications for ceramic materials – including countertops, washbasin units, and counters for the design community. The pieces in this collection can be used to create continuous surfaces by cutting the sheets into a wide variety of shapes and sizes, with countless results.

Each piece in the XLIGHT Premium collection is available with different striation and patterns, which can be used in many different layout ideas. The six XLIGHT Premium formats are available in both Polished and Nature finishes. The high gloss Polished finish brings out the intensity of the colours, giving the surface a high reflective capacity, while the Nature finish comes in two varieties: a finish with satin effects, used to highlight the stone particles specifically in the XLIGHT Premium AGED models, and an impeccable matte finish in the case of the other models.

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