Wood Mosaics Inspired By Nature

The beauty of wood mosaics is their natural ability to impart a feeling of nature. No other wall tile longs to be touched as much as wood mosaic tiles do. Their impressive ability to stand out on a wall and add warmth, character and personality is due to their unique three-dimensional design.

Porcelanosa’s unique wood mosaics are inspired by nature and their distinctive irregular surface lends flair to the environment thanks to their ability to mimic nature. Porcelanosa’s L’Antic Colonial factory uses a range of woods with a noble heritage: French oak, North American cherry and maple, beech and Central European oak. Similarly, exotic woods from tropical regions are also used and are prized for their resistance to dampness and their flexibility.

Wood mosaics are not intended simply for backsplashes, as every décor—contemporary, vintage, modern, traditional, whimsical—benefits from having a touch of nature within.

Wood Wall Teak portends a look reminiscent of an earlier age when mosaics were used in Greek and Roman times to decorate temples and palaces. Teakwood is prized for its beauty and durability lending an air of authenticity to every decorating style. The artistic pattern in Wood Wall Teak adds an element of authenticity with its warm, earth tone effects.

Wood Feel imparts a feeling of light oak trees and when showcased in a dining area, or a quiet fireplace nook, the effects are striking. The warmth and personality imparted from natural wood is idyllic on any wall and in every room as a decorative feature that stands out and always sparks a conversation.

For a darker look, contrast your porcelain floor tiles with Wood Brick which would be a lovely complement to a black and white color scheme.

Another noticeable benefit of wood mosaics are their varying sizes, offering everything from small squares to larger rectangular pieces. Wood mosaics add visual appeal and look as though individual blocks have been placed side by side. Enhancing a wall with the look of Bronze, Chrome or even 3D wood mosaics adds eye-catching elements and an overall stunning visual experience.

Bring nature indoors with Wood Square Aged. This defining wall tile is constructed of varying colors of oak pieces which are completely unequal, appealing to the unique character of the design. The brilliant result is that of creating volume on the walls, which is an exceptional and distinctive visual. The geometrical effects also offer the possibility of creating different atmospheres within the same space.

Wood mosaics offer infinite applications and stretch the boundaries of décor. They organically complement any dwelling with their sustainable and visual appeal, and unique patterns. Every interior benefits from using wood mosaics.