Wood-Look: Full Inspiration in Patterned Tiles

Not all tiles follow the same pattern or have the same texture. Customers love wood-look porcelain tiles due to their durability and high resistance; however, at Porcelanosa we have been able to increase our customers’ engagement by creating new wood-look visual appealing designs. In addition to offering a broad diversity of colors and sizes we’ve changed the game by creating new patterns and styles.


The Seedwood collection offers a broad variety of tiles with different patterns. The Eden series has an arrow shape design which creates a dynamic appearance on the tile. Consequently, the Noah series has a wide range of tiles with a very distinctive pattern and offers more variety of colors than the Eden series. This pattern shows the lines of the tiles going in different directions creating the illusion that they are surmounting on top of each other and it draws significant movement on the tile.

The Seedwood collection also offers larger sizes than the Parker series even though the similarities between them are numerous.


The PAR-KER® collection shows very realistic designs of wood-look styles. It encompasses less artistry look tiles, but it is still one of our most sophisticated collections. The Viena series has also the shape of an arrow but wider than the Seedwood Eden series to which it resembles. The Heritage Series is a unique wood-look tile. It has a square design which several squares that grow smaller as they get closer to the center of the tile.

From both of these collections we are able to show that at Porcelanosa we do not only offer high quality and durable products, but we are able to build our own trends by creating innovative aesthetics.

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