Create a Warm & Welcoming Ambiance with White Tones

Using white tones in your decor is a great way to create a sense of openness in a room. Whether you incorporate whites into your floor or wall tiles, or in furniture or accent pieces, like pillows or flowers, utilizing white in your decor can make any room feel clean and inviting.

Porcelanosa is known for not only showcasing this decor concept in our showrooms, but also for producing products that can fit the white and neutral look, that many clients gravitate towards.

The products below can help you achieve this clean and minimal look in your home.


Applying white tiles to any wall or floor in your home will instantly create a more open feel in the space but also make the room feel brighter and full of light.

Tiles such as FACES Blanco are geometric but also dimensional and can be used to add accent walls throughout your home. Available in individual pieces, this new FACES collection of Ceramic tile is suitable for interior walls as well as shower walls. Some of the characteristics of the new FACES collection is that the tiles are available in either dimensional or flat surfaces.

Another great set of white tiles by Porcelanosa is the new XLight Premium collection which includes three shades of white tiles, Lush White, and Kala White. Due to the technical and aesthetic characteristics of this exclusive collection, XLIGHT Premium features a wide assortment of different models suitable for use on indoor walls and residential indoor floors, countertops and washbasin units and as cladding on furniture, doors and partitions, among many other alternatives.

Bath Furniture

Using a white vanity or bathtub as the focal point in your bathroom is great way to create a clean yet modern look which is always a plus for restrooms.

The MINIM vanity is a Porcelanosa vanity popular for its minimal and clean look. This collection was born from prismatic shapes based on a modular program of storage units where the washbasins are integrated. Although they look like big blocks of marble, they are in fact containers with a wooden structure.

The recently released BEVEL vanity is another Porcelanosa vanity that encompasses the modern yet simple white look. Made out of the company’s KRION® Solid Surface material, the vanity’s inward leaning front plane is a unique design feature that makes the vanity incredibly practical for everyday use due to its storage capacity.

Kitchen Furniture

The beauty of using white in spaces like a kitchen is that the color white, with its versatility, can pair well with most traditional and modern style kitchens. White and most neutral colors also pair well with metals, making it a great complement for your home’s kitchen appliances.