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What's Trending: Small/Compact Kitchens

Small kitchens don’t mean you have to sacrifice style or functionality. Read on for ideas on how to make your compact kitchens inspire efficiency and style.
In the closed position, this kitchen seems like a stylish but simple cube shaped kitchen island. By activating a button located on one side of the Evolution kitchen, the Krion® worktop moves to reveal the kitchen appliances, cupboards and drawers that are normally hidden in the single cube shape. The chosen material is a natural striped oak veneer, handcrafted, which creates a one of a kind effect when combining different vein patterns. The kitchen is made with beveled junctions and edges, making the joints almost invisible and allowing to open doors and drawers without the need of a handle. A kitchen designed to occupy the least space and bring a great aesthetic quality when not in use, but at the push of a button becomes a kitchen with all the features of an optimal work space.
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This kitchen style is ideal for small apartments or projects as they only take up one wall, creating an optimal use of space.
An aesthetic and practical solution, this kitchen is ideal for making the most of space in studio flats and “loft” type layouts.The  Emotions rooms kitchen features a compact island with a two height countertop. The upper level is intended as the work area, allowing different tasks to be undertaken comfortably, with a granite Aristea White countertop with a shining finish, which integrates the hob and the sink. The lower level, made from Krion® white, acts as a table, with an asymmetrical design that seems to glide underneath the work surface.
In harmony with the shining whites of the island, the columns are presented in a shining lacquer finish, decorated with a natural oak veneer border in Alba finish. The integrated handles on the front remain hidden, thus achieving a compact volume of simple. The finishes are repeated in the rear of the column area, where the design is completed with shelves for storage and decoration, thereby unifying the design of the kitchen and the living room through a single element.
Emotions Kitchen