Warm Up Your Home For Winter With Wood-Look Porcelain Tiles

If you’re thinking about wood flooring and are hesitant due to the maintenance, limitations to where it can be installed, and other disadvantages that come with it – consider incorporating Porcelanosa’s wood-look porcelain tiles into your next project instead.

Wood-look porcelain products have the look of natural wood but aren’t affected by the environment and maintenance that natural hardwood requires. Not only are they eco-friendly, durable and fire-resistant, but they also don’t absorb allergens, smoke or odors.

Get inspired with some of our latest wood-look porcelain tiles, and learn how to apply them and pair them with other materials below.

Nobu Roble

Part of the HIGH-KER® collection, Nobu Roble features a warm, rich appearance. It is available in 2 different large format sizes –  7″x70″ and 11″x70″ – which can be used together to create a unique, cohesive look.

Manhattan Colonial

Manhattan Colonial has a lighter appearance, and pairs well with dramatic darker accents. It is available in 4 different sizes and can be used on both walls and floors. Make a statement by using it throughout multiple adjacent rooms to create a seamless look.

Tanzania Natural

Tanzania Natural, one of the many tile options available from the Seedwood collection, also features a light wood-look. When paired with white, Tanzania Natural can help a room feel brighter and more spacious.

Forest Maple

Create a modern look with the neutral Forest Maple by using delicate black and white accents throughout the room. Forest Maple is a neutral-toned wood that works well with accent colors, and does not feel overwhelming when used throughout an entire room’s design.

Ice Tanzania Almond

Ice Tanzania Almond features an intricately lined pattern and perfectly matches the same tones used within the Tanzania Almond tiles. Use Ice Tanzania Almond in tandem with the standard Tanzania tiles is an easy way to create a comprehensive design in your home.

Delaware Nogal

Delaware Nogal is a deep, rich shade from the PAR-KER® collection. Try using Delaware Nogal on your floor and pair it with a neutral cement-look tile on an accent wall or a fireplace to create a harmonious and cozy blend of materials.


Thinking about using one of these tiles in your next project, or want to see other wood-look porcelain tiles? Visit a Porcelanosa showroom near you, or request a free sample on the product’s page to have a piece delivered directly to you!