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Virtually Indestructible Bathrooms: Increasing life and decreasing maintenance

Solid Surface material Krion® created by Porcelanosa company, SystemPool popularity is rising as designers, architects and consumers alike are realizing the benefits it can provide.

What is Krion®?

Krion®, a non-porous material, is a new generation, warm to the touch, solid surface material that is virtually indestructible. Krion® is highly resistant to chemicals, fire resistant, frost resistant, stain resistant and will not retain smell, making this product extremely hygienic.

In addition, Krion® has the ability to be cut in sheets that can be joined and thermoformed together to create seamless pieces in shapes unattainable with any other material.

How can I use Krion®?

Due to the impressive hygienic  benefits of the Krion® material, it has been used in hospitals and doctors’ offices and has broadened to custom facades. In more traditional usage, it has been used to create unique, custom bars and tables. As consumers realize the material’s capabilities, Krion® usage has now expanded to residential kitchens and bathrooms.

Krion® Bathrooms

Krion® bathrooms is one of Porcelanosas most innovative designs to-date. The absence of pores in the material makes it extremely hygienic, something everyone searches for in a bathroom. Pairing this with its smooth seamless surface, cleaning is easier than ever.

Porcelanosa company Systempool, has created several innovative lines of product for bathrooms created in the Krion® material including: vanities, sinks, bathtubs and shower trays.

Browse our Krion® bathroom products now or get inspired from what others have done with our unique solid surface material.

Written by Krystal Pratt, PORCELANOSA USA