Featured Product – High-Tech Tiles

One of our newest product innovations was the creation of our High-Tech tile collections. The High-Tech ceramic tiles feature 3 different styles – Concept, Technic, and Ark.

The visible surface of our High-Tech ceramic tiles is made of minerals with high decorative potential, obtained using our innovative technologies. These minerals are chosen for their colors, appearance and shine, and they are prepared in a specific way for each model.

The High-Tech tiles have been developed so that when they are viewed close up, they are all slightly different from each other, regardless of their general similarity.

By controlling the proportions of the mix and compacting it, a uniform mineral background is achieved that can then be altered with different effects or patterns. These effects or decorative patterns can take the form of various veins, fossil remains, shading, shade variation, and gloss or matte effects.

The textures are then applied to the tiles’ mineral backgrounds using our cutting-edge technology. During the firing process, the entire mineral top layer fuses together to create a hard surface conspicuous for its eye-catching natural beauty.


High-Tech Collection


Concept is available in two shades of grey – Concept Gris and Concept Natural. They are available in natural and bright finishes. Concept Gris and Concept Natural have a more matte appearance, while Concept Gris Bright and Concept Natural Bright have a glossy sheen to them.

Concept also has matching wall tiles that are in Natural, Bright, and Lined finishes.


The Technic collection is comprised of a pieces that have a deep and dark grey hue. The floor tiles are available in regular and natural finishes, while their matching wall tiles are available in Natural and Lined finishes.


The Ark tiles feature a bright white coloring that can be used on the floor, and are available in natural and bright finishes.