Bolonia Colonial

Transitional Flooring – The Latest in Floor Tile Trends

Porcelanosa’s 24th International Exhibition not only unveiled some of the company’s latest products, it also showcased some of the latest trends in interior design. One of the hottest design trends that were seen at the Porcelanosa showroom in Vila-real, Spain was the concept of transitional flooring. Transitional flooring or transition between floors in traditional home design is when flooring of one material meets flooring of another material between two rooms. In this case, Porcelanosa takes transitional flooring to a new level by creating a fusion of different materials into a new style of floor tiles.

The newly released Bolonia collection presented by Porcelanosa at the 24th international exhibition perfectly combine two completely differing materials to create a seamless and versatile look.

The Bolonia collection, comprised of stone and wood-look ceramic will be available in two versions, the Bolonia Cognac and Bolonia Colonial. Both create a perfect blend of ceramic wood tones, one a deep-brown and the other ash-colored, with shades of blue and grey stone tones. This collection is ideal for any flooring need including high-traffic areas.

Although this collection won’t be available until the Spring of 2017, the transitional look can be a simple DIY Project for your next floor renovation by combining any two materials. Visit our floor tiles page to get started!

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