Tips for Creating a Cozy Master Bedroom

Why is the master bedroom often overlooked when it comes to decorating? Perhaps because it’s the least used and seen room in a house so we turn our design talents to those rooms we spend the most time in. It feels intuitive to create the ideal kitchen space for entertaining or a living room for relaxing but master bedrooms yearn to boast a style all their own.

When redesigning a space, it helps to look at it from a holistic perspective and consider how your private master bedroom can have an exclusive décor all its own. Once you define the mood you hope to create—quiet, upbeat, meditative, whimsical—your design will begin to fall into place.

Master Bedroom Surprises

Showcase an upbeat reading corner with a shimmering mosaic wall covering like Bronze Emperador from Porcelanosa’s Treasures collection. Bronze is highly prized for its natural sheen and is an ideal companion to a large-format ceramic wall tile like XLIGHT Rust Dark with its metal effects. A strategically placed EICH Mirror adds a lovely reflection of the tiles and a stylish ceiling pendant completes the look.

Bronze Emperador

Another surprise element might include adding a hearth-less, flat-front fireplace in the master bedroom complemented by the stunning look of gorgeous Ferroker porcelain tiles with their striking metallic sheen.


For a more austere hearth décor, choose Lush White with its striking marble-like feel which lends a crisp, understated look.

Lush White

Porcelain Tile Options

XLIGHT large-format wall tiles are a popular choice for a large master bedroom as they provide a stunning appearance due to their minimal seam lines and strong visual impact. These extra-thin, ultra-light porcelain tiles are only 1/8-inch thick, allowing for ease of handling and transport. They can be installed atop existing tiles thereby minimizing the need to remove anything prior to installation. XLIGHT Savage Dark Nature and Lush White combined make a gorgeous combination for a more austere master bedroom theme.

Savage Dark Nature and Lush White Nature

Luxury hotels and high-end resorts have replaced carpet with tiles to minimize wear and tear around beds. We love the two-toned look of Bolonia Colonial with its unique flourishes designed to uplift every space. The combination of ceramic and wood unifies the master bedroom seamlessly. A lighter color option would be Bolonia Cognac with its lovely natural grain pattern, textured variations and warm, rich, honey tones.

It’s the thoughtful details that create a cozy sleeping space. Stark white, deep blacks, gold accents, natural finishes—be inspired to create whatever your heart desires.

Bolonia Colonial