Tile Shapes Transform A Room

Set your home’s décor apart by incorporating various tile shapes in your design. Not all tiles are square! Create a uniquely personalized space by varying the color, style, size and shapes of your wall and floor tiles.

Subway Tiles

Subway tiles are a sub-set of rectangular tiles that came into vogue when they were used to decorate subway stations in New York City in 1904. Subway tiles are primarily used in kitchen and bathrooms but are finding their way to floor tiles as well. Featured here is our Worn Verdigris offering a unique way to add color and movement to a room with its distressed, yet rich, teal color. Worn Verdigris is also available in hexagon shapes which would be a lovely kitchen backsplash to complement vintage décor.

Get fresh and imaginative with colorful rectangular tiles like the eye-popping Malaga Mostaza which is always a conversation starter. Malaga tiles are available in rose, ocean, aqua, grey, green and beige colors.

Porcelanosa’s Form Hub Brown with its exceptional herringbone pattern adds modern and contemporary flair to a floor. Form Hub is also available in white, cream and several abstract rectangular shapes. Tiles in rectangular shapes are a first-class choice for a large room as they create a wide, spacious pattern and elevate the floor with an unusual style.

Set rectangular shapes off with small mosaic tiles. Small shapes add texture and flow to a room and can be incorporated into many designs for a touch of elegance and originality. Just say no to wainscoting or crown molding and add a border, edge or entire wall with mosaic tiles to create a cozy space. Wood Even is one of our favorite mosaics as it blends well with any décor and offers an unusual three-dimensional effect.

Square Shapes

Square tiles are often a go-to size as it’s fairly easy to accurately measure and estimate how much tile is needed to cover the area. Tiles range in size from 2” tiles to 24” tiles, and even 48” tiles in large-format. Nazari Safi is a gorgeous square shaped tile with a gentle warm luster and inviting surface.

Hexagon Tile Shapes

Though hexagonal shapes have long been used in tiles, they’ve morphed to wall and floor tiles in several creative and colors. Of note is the ease with which hexagon tiles can be installed to create patterns on the wall. Faces H2Blanco tile has a unique way of adding pop, movement and texture to a wall along with its eye-catching 3D effects.

Consider adding a touch of creativity and design a mosaic pattern with hexagon shapes blending different colors and shapes. Mesh-mounted mosaics are easy to work with and enjoyable to create lacework, chevrons, basket-weave and hive patterns that bring beauty to every room. Your décor will benefit from incorporating unusual and complementary tile shapes into your design.