Through-Body Porcelain Tiles Make a Stylish Splash

What makes through-body porcelain tiles ideal for high-traffic areas is its ability to hide scratches, chips and wear. The entire tile is composed of the same material and the color on the top goes all the way through, so scratches easily blend in with the surface. Take a look at the photo here: note that the exposed body of the tile closely resembles the surface.

Living rooms, hallways and foyers are perfect places to install through-body porcelain. It can also be used in commercial settings—such as stores, restaurants, retail outlets, and other places with high foot-traffic.

Porcelanosa features the Urbatek line of through-body porcelain products. These tiles are designed to meet demanding technical standards, and many are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and façade applications. The elegance of through-body porcelain, with its varying finishes and patterns, replicates the look of natural stone.

The Krono series combines the realism and elegance of stone with the high-performance qualities of through-body ceramic tiles. Krono is known for its wide variety of patterns, rich colors and crisscrossing veins.

Pictured here is Krono Dark Nature which handsomely highlights a bright, breezy hallway with its alluring design. The naturally rich textures in Krono Dark Nature emphasize the surrounding décor.


Krono Clay Nature is a lovely tile to create a soothing and calming bath area. With its ability to impeccably cover floors and walls it’s an ideal through-body tile to choose for creating a meditative atmosphere with a natural feel. The slight variations in Krono’s color and texture add character to the subdued décor.


The natural imprints shown on Kaos Black Nature showcase a master bath or foyer beautifully. You’ll love how it blends in with the surrounding décor making it a versatile tile to use in any rooms, particularly where there might be moisture.


Textured tiles are particularly well-suited for outdoor use and heavy traffic. Take a look at Stuc Black Texture which is not only a stunning but is also an ideal tile for an outdoor area. This gleaming through-body porcelain tile is frost-resistant, UV-resistant, and it’s non-skid and slip-resistant due to the textured surface. Consider incorporating these tiles into outdoor pathways or accent borders around a pool or landscaping.


Brighten up the kitchen and dining area with Morse Beige Nature. The muted undertone of these 24” x 24” through-body tiles are picture-perfect whether in a contemporary, rustic or modern kitchen. Understated colors allow the surroundings to shine.


Also, consider Morse Coal Nature for a deeper tile color for the floor. Adding design innovations like floating cabinetry, countertops and decorative entertainment islands bring quality craftsmanship to the décor while allowing the entire design to shine.


Deepen your color palette by choosing Savage Dark Polished. The beauty of this through-body porcelain is that it can be used in various ways—even above a wraparound fireplace with a matching façade application creatively applied to a wall pillar. Savage Dark can be used around water spaces and it doubles as an exterior tile, as well.


The trend in creating indoor/outdoor living is fueled by our desire to discover natural elements we can enjoy indoors. Through-body porcelain tiles are designed to instill a harmonious feeling in your home as they replicate the feeling of natural elements.