The Perfect Hue for Your Floor Upgrade

With the autumn chill keeping us cooped up indoors, we finally have had time to research and plot our upcoming flooring project. To give our space a more luxurious and sophisticated feel, without breaking the bank (or our backs!), we decided on a hardwood laminate. After we narrowed down the type of flooring, we realized we still had a major decision ahead of us: color. From light to dark, each floor shade offered a unique design opportunity.

Today, we are partnering with our dear friends at Porcelanosa to share our compiled research for selecting and styling different hardwood laminate colors. After browsing Porcelanosa’s inspiration galleries, we rounded up the visual inspiration to help guide your creative choosing process. Here’s to finding the best hue for your lifestyle and taste.

  1. Choose a light, gray-toned laminate, like AC4 LS 1L Boston, to give a space a fresh and airy feel. The subtle neutral color sets a modern stage for dark-hued elegant furniture. Style the room with a towering black bookcase and an oversized deep gray leather couch.
  2. Choose a natural, tan-toned laminate, like AC4 LS 1L Valley, to add liveliness and a hint of color to an area. The color is light enough to brighten a small space, while the warm pigment gives the room a welcoming feel. Highlight the floor with white walls and low-set furniture.
  3. Choose a rich brown laminate, like AC4 LS 1L Africa, for a traditional look with a contemporary twist. The style of wood grounds a space, while the bright coloring gives a room a unique rustic feel. Draw even more attention to the floor with clean-lined white furniture and metal accessories, like a silver standing lamp.
  4. Choose a dark, gray-toned laminate, like AC4 1L Smooth, for a subtle earthy feel. The wood color gives a space a sophisticated cabin feel, without overwhelming the space. Add emphasis to the floor with rugged statement pieces, like a stitched leather butterfly chair and braided wicker baskets.
  5. Choose a deep dark brown laminate, like AC4 LS 1L Ebano, for a gorgeous, moody look. To keep the room from appearing too formal, decorate with warm and welcoming pieces. Style the room with a neutral shag rug, rugged side tables and personalized art.

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