The Great Indoors: Summer Entertaining

Entertaining indoors gives you a chance to impress your guests with a gorgeous tablescape. Whether choosing a dining room, kitchen or living room, entertaining indoors eliminates worries about weather, lighting and bugs and instead, invites conversation. No matter if you’re entertaining a few friends in a casual atmosphere or a large gathering in an elegant setting—indoor entertaining is the ideal way to enjoy an evening with friends.

Meld the laid-back feel of outdoor entertaining with the glamour of indoor dining and host a meal on a beautiful kitchen island. Islands can be designed with a variety of features and finishes and will become one of your favorite areas to entertain at.

Featured here are XTONE Liem Grey Silk and Aria White Nature. XTONE offers large-format porcelain tile slabs which feature stunning designs. Kitchens have always been the heart of a home; all parties everywhere seem to begin in the kitchen. The stunning design is both bold and functional and adds an element of whimsy to the kitchen. Complement Liem Grey Silk porcelain floor tiles with a countertop and backsplash featuring Aria White Nature—add some intimate, recessed lighting and your island is ready for entertaining indoors.

Featured on the floor below is Prada Acero and when joined with Mosaico Prada Acero the design is absolutely stunning. Mosaico Prada Acero is a complementary accent wall tile developed to match the floor’s tile design for an easy, seamless look. And look how gorgeous it is when paired with XTONE Liem Black Silk on the inlaid cabinetry and island.

Newport Gray is the perfect porcelain tile for an open floor plan with its fine, natural textures. Take the fuss out of entertaining indoors with this easy-to-clean, durable tile that’s also available in beige, white and dark gray.

Take the party into the living room and host it picnic-style with floor custions and convert your coffee table or divan into a dining table. Guests will appreciate the warmth and visual appeal of Prada Caliza and Nobu Roble—two timeless tiles. These durable, low maintenance tiles are also moisture-resistant.

You can create an indoor entertaining space just as exciting as one in the great outdoors. There’s no need for a patio, balcony, or outdoor pool—furnishings, lighting and accents are the ingredients you’ll use to create a cozy indoor entertainment area.