Taking Care of Our Planet: Sustainable Bathrooms Part 1

Porcelanosa’s commitment to the preservation of the environment has led us to develop products that allow a more responsible use of water and energy resources. Sustainable options are more and more demanded by architecture and interior design professionals.

Many Porcelanosa bathroom elements have been improved in order to fulfill these demands. Porcelanosa has a vast number of products that adapt perfectly to current environmental concerns.

Advanced planning in the development stages of a product ensures that we are utilizing environmentally friendly materials, minimizing risk and achieving a high level of efficiency.

All major projects involving eco-design studies are conducted using Porcelanosa’s Ecotech concept. The Ecotech concept is based on the areas of environmental preservation and sustainability, in which all stages of product development are thoroughly analyzed. The goal of eco-design is that every new product is better than the last, as far as environmental issues are concerned.

Since its inception, Noken has worked for the conservation of the environment both internally and externally. This work is reflected not only in the final products that the company has released to market, but also in day-to-day work in their production processes and the behavior of its employees.

Environmental responsibility is key in the selection of materials used. Obtaining the maximum recycling ability of all products when it comes to industrial consumption are a must for Noken.

Noken has facilities equipped with the latest technology that recycles the water used in the production process to later return it to the circuit. Thus, in manufacturing, sanitary reuse is achieved for up to 70% of the water. In the cooking and drying process of our ceramic products, we are able to reuse the heat energy that is used.

Noken is considered one of the leading innovators in the international health sector, a reputation that the company has developed over the years.

It is important to reevaluate the logistics of existing processes and reinvent tradition, for the purpose of continually improving the quality of our products and, consequently, the quality of life of the people. To this our contribution to the protection and preservation of the precious resource of water is added. Our belief that water is a precious element and elixir of life is what promotes our ambition to manufacture mixers and showers that are as perfect as possible. This belief also raises awareness of the value of water and encourages respect for this ancestral element. Our main focus is defining the best ways to use water in everything we do.

Cold water opening system faucets

New Forma and the NKConcept series incorporate what is called cold water opening technology. The lever of the faucet can only be moved to the left, allowing for temperature control. This results in the use of hot water only when really necessary, along with corresponding automatic energy saving. In the center position, the faucet only supplies cold water, preventing the continued use of heaters and reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Both models also come standard with a special flow rate limiter, that is integrated in the spout of the single lever faucet for constant water savings. A conventional faucet offers about 12 liters of water per minute; our faucet reduces water consumption by nearly 60%, to about 5 liters of water per minute.

ECO Cartridge

To promote reasonable water consumption, Noken incorporates the ECO cartridge to its products. It has a two-position switch which reduces water and energy consumption by 50%.

First we raise the lever until resistance is felt (55, 4º F). This position marks 50% of the total flow, which is sufficient enough to wash our hands.

If a stronger flow rate is needed, it can be obtained by raising the lever past the resistance point until reaching the maximum flow position, where the lever is pushed all the way to the top.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our Sustainable Bathrooms series.