Ibiza Concrete Gloss

Subway Tiles: Versatile and Timeless

First created to adorn the walls of the first subway station in New York City in 1904, these simple rectangular tiles showcased simple colors and a sleek finish. Over a century later, subway tiles have become a staple in interior design, showing up in kitchens and bathrooms across the country.

A modern twist on the traditional white subway tile, RETRO BLANCO is a ceramic tile available in a long rectangular shape with a high gloss finish. The edges are beveled in the typical style found in subway tiles. This particular tile looks best when stacked vertically.

Part of the URBAN series, URBAN LINE COPPER features translucent glass strips with a subtle line pattern, creating a deep optical effect. The pattern brings a refreshing update to the classic subway finish.

The IBIZA collection brings a Mediterranean freshness inspired by the island of Ibiza. Its minimalist nature makes it a peaceful and sophisticated option for your wall. Available in two different finishes, matte and gloss, and 6 different colors, this line offers options for everyone. SNOW, a pure white finish, and White, a light grey finish, are the lines lightest colors, The midtones comes in GREY, in both CONCRETE and STEEL tones, and the darkest color, IBIZA DARK, is noticeable for the deepness of its line it’s a beautiful intense grey color.

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