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Stone And Wood Vanity Combinations

Try incorporating the two design staples of wood and stone
into your home with one these vanities:


Duna is a new concept of bathroom furniture based on simplicity and the blending of materials in an innovative and attractive way. Its main structure consists of a canal shaped aluminum sheet with a granite sink that fits into the interior gap of the curved sheet. The aluminum sheet includes a small opening on the right-hand side, next to the granite piece, which works as a towel rail. A matching aluminum mirror is available as an accessory, featuring built-in lighting and a shelf – perfect for hanging and placing everyday items close to the basin.


Wood Roble Bronce stands out for its 1.5″ thick solid oak countertop. To make it, the wood was left to age for several years before being surface-treated to give it added resistance and durability. It rests on a modern steel base in a Negro Metal finish and comes with a real granite washbasin.


The Edge vanity features a washbasin unit that is made up of an outer aluminum framework in a Sable finish. This holds a stone washbasin and carved wood veneer unit. This combination of carved wood and stone gives it a vintage appearance. The Edge vanity is vailable in three widths: 23 5/8”, 35 3/8”, and 47 1/4”, and can be configured in a double sink setting. The drawers have a Sable laminate lining and Nadir texture. To complete this series, a mirror with the same aluminum surround as the frame of the washbasin unit is available.


A washbasin unit featuring a carved oak veneer finish that gives it a rustic appearance makes up the Century vanity. The Century vanity is a compact unit, featuring two drawers with a Sable laminate lining and Nadir texture. Visually it stands out for two reasons: first, for its slightly sunken fronts, with a linear metal handle that juts out so that it is flush with the sides and countertop; and, second, because its side panels and wood veneer base are assembled to each other and to the countertop with miter joints to create a solid ensemble. Accompanying it is a mirror with a frame in a glossy chrome finish.

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