Say Yes to Decorative Tiles

Add glamour and personality to walls, floors and backsplashes with decorative tiles. Boost a drab and ordinary countertop into a work of art with tiles that tell a story by calling attention to a specific feature—such as a range hood or foyer. Create a focal point on a wall or floor or use them to show separation between one room or style and another. Decorative tiles will also brighten an otherwise dark area when strategically placed.

Decorative Tile Accents

Upgrade a bathroom’s décor by including decorative wall tiles in a lustrous color like Ronda Mint with Colorstuk Blanco grout to offset the lovely sheen, texture and fine lines. Even patterns in neutral colors pack a punch. Sevilla Beige also makes an excellent choice with its understated, austere contemporary look. Frame your eye-catching decorative backsplash with coordinating tiles to complete the look.

For a 3-dimensional option choose Prisma White Matt for a fabulous look that compels the eye to see these decorative tiles as moving art. 3D tiles add striking accents to a design with their recessed or raised patterns and are ideal for embellishing a wall design. Pop the look up a few degrees with the bold and striking Prisma Bronze tile for a wow look. The intricate design resembles a prism as it bends light into different colors and affects the way it appears to the eye. Add a floating vanity or sink and a freestanding tub to complete this unique look.

Endless Colors, Textures and Decorative Floor Tiles

Ornament a floor pattern with tiles that tell a story. You’ll definitely attract attention with Vintage Natural-B as it breathes life into a contemporary room style. The entire Vintage line transforms every room it’s installed in given its eye-popping design which delivers an old-world feel to a contemporary design.

Our Barcelona collection features statement tiles with rich, unique designs. Choose Barcelona B, Barcelona E or Barcelona F for stunning floor patterns that are neither so large that they overwhelm the space, nor so small that they make little impact. The decorative and bold designs add color, texture and movement to a room and they are always an excellent conversation-starter.

Design Enhancements

Light grout colors tend to disappear while dark grouts showcase the design. Keep it classic with white tiles and a contrasting grout line, or draw attention to the accents by surrounding decorative tiles with contrasting colors. If you go for a bold statement-making backsplash in a bath or kitchen, select a lighter more subtle countertop material that won’t minimize the backsplash. Fashion your show stopping backsplash with Dubai Bronze—an excellent contemporary choice when installed in a foyer, over a fireplace or in a small room.