Residential Project Feature: Junaid Residence, CA

Porcelanosa’s modern and minimalistic style was the perfect fit for the Junaid Residence in Los Altos Hills, CA. The completion of their $10 million home took place at the later end of 2018. Architect Malika Junaid designed her house with her family’s science-fiction interests in mind. She wanted to sneak Star Trek into the design. It’s full of automations, an elevator and what she calls an abstract Starship Enterprise. The house has 6 bedrooms in total, 6 ½ bathrooms, a dining room and a main living room. The dining room is a Star Trek enterprise in an abstract manner.  From the kitchen you can see the pool and family room, the main level is a very interactive part of the house. The overall house was intended to be livable and comfortable.

Porcelanosa’s newest shade of KRION® Solid Surface Material, K-LIFE Snow White, was used to create the kitchen countertop and island of this luxurious home. When in contact with light, K-LIFE is able to purify the air, self-clean, expel harmful bacteria, and eliminate chemical products. This material is ideal for use in kitchens because it has been certified as food grade and has antibacterial properties. This kitchen was created with the purpose of everything being within reach yet out of the way when you are not using it. The kitchen was completely customized with a 19 foot long light-up blue glass backsplash that goes down with just the touch of a hand. A spice rack was created which includes everyday knives, spices and oils as well as a pot filler. The stove was made so that when you are not using it, it’s flush and when you are using it the buttons and burner literally come up making it accessible in order for it to be used freely. When you are not using the stove, the burners and buttons are hidden which makes the space easy to clean.

The kitchen and recreation lounge feature the marble-look Lush White Polished 47″x47″ floor tiles. The pool lounge, basement, and exterior flooring feature the Concrete Black Nature 35″x35″ tile. The laminate AC4 LS 1L Boston was used in the bedroom to create a warm and inviting space. Contact your local Porcelanosa showroom to customize your own kitchen and living space to suit your most detailed needs.

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