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Raised Access Flooring: Discover the New System

Porcelanosa’s raised access flooring system is one of the greatest building solutions provided to our customers. Usually, floor tiles are applied by previously preparing a subfloor over which the new floor tiles will be installed. On the other hand, this system allows the tiles to be raised from the floor and create an empty space. Butech is the creator of this flooring where there are two types of RAF (Raised Access Floors): Offices and Exteriors.

Raised access floorings for offices are placed over a galvanized steel structure, creating an empty space in between. No aluminum parts are installed to fully enforce fire protection. It is perfect for indoor use on floors that need to be easily and quickly repaired.

Furthermore, raised access flooring for exteriors are used to cover slopes and uneven terrains with a flat surface composed of a ceramic panel. Between the panels and the floor there is also an empty space, but the width of this space depends on the height of the pedestals which adapt to the slope. They are built for terraces and outdoor places.

Both types of RAF have pedestals that support the panels. They are highly durable, resistant and determine the flooring height. The office raised access flooring has reinforcement stringers that work with the pedestals. They provide strength and stability to the floor, and make piece replacement much easier and faster. Exterior raised access flooring pedestals are weatherproof and prevent water absorption. There are two types: stackable pedestals and adjustable pedestals. The latter can be more adjustable to different substrate floors.

Besides all of these advantages, RAF was created to hide all types of technical and electric installations such as cables and pipes under the floor, and it has become one of the most practical floor designs of Porcelanosa. You can learn more about our raised access flooring here.