Product Feature: Deco Series!

Our product feature showcases one of our most beautifully designed tiles, the Deco series. Offered in crisp shades of black, grey, and beige, Deco will bring flair and personality to your space. The Deco series puts on elegant, modern twist on a very classic design, perfect for any room.

The most popular of the Deco series is the Deco Roche Acero. This tile features a combination of nine different patterns to create a multi-dimensional design. The Deco Roche Acero is not only an extremely decorative tile, but is also very durable, easy to maintain, and perfect for both indoor and outdoor projects.

The glossy Deco Mirage Dark has a more consistent pattern than the Roche Acero, but still has that cool, crisp color. The Deco Mirage Dark can be used for a number of projects such as room walls and showers. Its natural tone variation also gives the tile a bold character no matter what shade you choose.

Although the Deco Frame Clear only has a combination of four different patterns, this does not take away from the attractiveness of the tile. Deco Frame Clear has a neutral primary color, with contrasts of dark and light inner designs. With a combination of different lines and curves, Deco Frame Clear’s matte finish looks remarkable on any floor space.

For more information on the Deco series and more, visit our products page!