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Powerful Features for Innovative Homes at Porcelanosa

Home decoration like fireplaces and backsplashes are always great ideas to innovate and get creative. They add up a lot of modernism and elegance into the atmosphere. Even though they encompass two different pieces located in different places of the house, they have one big feature in common: focal point.

Focal point is defined as the center of interest, the main attraction. It is able to influence the structure and design of the room; it’s one of the first features people notice when they walk in and they’re usually placed in specific locations inside the room or walls.

Fireplaces are usually located in the living room or another common area for a get together.  The wall tiles that constitute the fireplace are usually different than the rest of the walls in the room in order to create a focal point. It catches the eye of the people inside the room, draws their attention towards the fireplace accentuating its difference and making it a strong decorative feature.

In accordance with creating this distinctive feature, a groundbreaking fireplace should be installed in an accent wall. This feature wall can have a completely different color than the predominant one in the room; moreover, it is also very sophisticated to combine with different product tiles and create a fusion of stone and wood, or porcelain and marble among some of the options: a fusion of elements.

The same occurs in kitchen backsplashes. The small space between the counter and upper cabinets leaves room for homeowners to put their creative minds to think and design it the way they want to. A backsplash is a perfect focal point for the kitchen as it introduces a different aesthetic than the rest of the walls. Even though any type of tile can be used for the backslash, mosaics and brick-look tiles are guaranteed to be very successful. The power and dazzling appeal of mosaics provides substantial beauty and dynamism to the kitchen. On top of that, brick walls deliver a different glimpse than the smooth marble or stone walls on the kitchen. Moreover, their traditional look matches perfectly with real hardwood or wood-look floors.

Therefore, take your inner designer out and check out our collection of tiles at Porcelanosa for a more avant-garde home!