Porcelanosa Project: MK Valencia, NJ

MK Valencia, a restaurant in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey transformed their space to create a high end, New York, lounge-like atmosphere. The contemporary design features modern architectural elements combined with a selection of high end products, including 11 different Porcelanosa series and paired with innovative lighting technology.

The entrance invites you into the lounge where you can sit next to the fireplace or at the bar while your table is being prepared. When you are ready to be seated, you enter the main dining area that transforms into a modern vibrant space providing guests with the opportunity to lease their  own personal wine locker to privately store their own collection. The dining area then continues through to the rear garden where they offer an outdoor dining experience in warmer months.

Porcelanosa product is used from the main entrance through the lounge and dining spaces to the rear garden. You will also find Porcealnosa product in both the men’s and woman’s bathrooms.


Written by Krystal Pratt, PORCELANOSA USA