Porcelanosa Featured in Interiors+Sources

During last year’s Design Connections: Healthcare conference, Jane Rohde – founding principle of JSR Associates, Inc. – won a trip to visit Porcelanosa’s headquarters in Vila-real, Spain. She wrote about her firsthand experience visiting the factory for Interiors+Sources, and specifically wrote about how impressed she was with Porcelanosa’s eco-friendly and sustainable factories.

Porcelanosa takes pride in their eco-friendly technology innovations. All of Porcelanosa’s manufacturing plants are equipped with many sustainable features – including water filtering systems, recycling systems, gas burning technology, and other processes and equipment that aim to reduce resource depletion and contamination. Porcelanosa takes pride in being one of the first conglomerates in the tile industry that obtained the ISO 14001 certification for environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.

Porcelanosa also considers the environment when developing and designing their products. For example, many of Porcelanosa’s products, including various tiles and KRION® Solid Surface material, are created with recycled materials. Porcelanosa’s bathroom products – including faucets, toilets, and shower heads – were specially developed to consume less water and energy.

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