Porcelanosa Facades Display At 2019 AIA Conference on Architecture

Porcelanosa Facades recently exhibited at the 2019 AIA Conference on Architecture, which took place on June 6-8 in Las Vegas, NV. The conference featured more than 200,000 sq.ft of display space and was a two-day architecture exposition featuring new products, innovative materials, and leading building product manufacturers.

Porcelanosa has over 300 different porcelain panel aesthetic options that can be used as facade panels. These panels are classified into different categories depending on their look – including concrete, stone, metal, technic, hardwood, and decorative. Porcelanosa was able to display a small selection of these porcelain panels by category on the Inspiration Wall of the booth’s display.

Porcelanosa would like to thank all of those who attended the 2019 AIA Conference on Architecture. If you’d like to learn more about Porcelanosa’s facades, click here.