Porcelanosa Collaborates With Charles, Prince Of Wales, For Charity

Porcelanosa has collaborated in numerous charitable foundations and projects promoted by Charles, Prince of Wales. As a member of the Prince’s Foundation for the ‘Built Environment’ since 1997, Porcelanosa was invited to participate in a special reception at Windsor Castle in England.

The reception was held to thank Porcelanosa, a Tile, Kitchen and Bath company for its many collaborations with various charitable foundations over the past two decades. Among others, the reception included American actress Sarah Jessica Parker as a special guest. Parker was invited to attend as a representation of the style and elegance that encompasses New York City, which is where Porcelanosa’s newest branch will be opening. Additional guests included the face of Porcelanosa, Isabel Preysler, and other members of Porcelanosa’s management team.

Porcelanosa also had the honor of inviting a few select clients to attend the reception followed by a trip to their factory. When visiting the Porcelanosa factory, clients had the opportunity to tour the facilities and get a peek at their latest innovations in tile, kitchen and bath products before their debut in the United States.

Before the gala dinner began, the Prince of Wales took a moment to personally thank Porcelanosa for their many collaborations and contributions in several works supported by his foundation, pointing out especially the refurbishment of the Dumfries House mansion located in Scotland.

Porcelanosa’s newest branch designed by Foster and Partners is set to open in the fall of 2015 and will be located between Fifth Avenue and Broadway.

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