Shown: Vancouver Silver

Shown: Vancouver Silver

Shown: Vancouver Silver

Plan Your Outdoor Space

The outdoors have become a whole lot more interesting with the progression of design for pool decks and terraces of every kind, which can take on almost any look you like, from stone to wood, or even concrete and steel.

Porcelanosa offers a huge range of tile for exterior ground and wall applications that truly bring your interiors out into the sunshine. Many designers, in fact, use our tile to flow from the terrace right into the house using oversized tile like Newport Beige.

The Tanzania wood-look porcelain collections and the Persa anti-slip stone tiles can also flow seamlessly from the outside in:

Anti-slip tiles are the best for outdoor applications, especially if there’s a pool or water feature nearby. Our broad selections in this category means you can take that look in many different directions.

Pair the natural look of wood such as the Forest Acero Antislip, for example, with a midcentury-mod wall lined in Ceppo Stone:


For a beachy feel, try the Stuc Beige Texture to frame your pool:


Does your taste lean more toward cottage and wicker? The wide-plank-style Vancouver Silver is for you. For all of our wood-look porcelain, the bonus for outdoor spaces is that they’re nearly maintenance-free and won’t fade or deteriorate over time.


In some cases where tile can’t be placed directly on the ground, such as roof terraces, balconies, or areas that require infrastructure beneath the floor, we offer Raised Access options. These tiles are laid on a system of pedestals, where individual tiles can be lifted to get to cables, wires or pipes that run beneath them.

There are some beautiful new introductions in this arena: The wood-look Riven tiles, the stone-like Rox series, or a stylish blend of the two that comes out in the West collection – depicted below in West Brown.


The sheer variety of looks and stylings in Porcelanosa’s collections means your imagination’s the limit when contemplating a new look for your outdoor terrace. Contact your local Porcelanosa showroom to receive free tile samples of the products listed above.