Morpholio's TracePro App Featured in Apple Keynote

Apple’s Keynote speech discusses the upcoming and revolutionary changes being brought to Apple products, including applications that will benefit greatly from these updates. During the keynote speech, Apple CEO Tim Cook showed the new features on the upcoming iPad Pro. Featured in the speech was Morpholio’s TracePro application, which has been upgraded to assist architects to produce designs with the best quality and display. TracePro benefits from the redesigns of the iPad Pro as it has so many exciting features supported by the iPad, that can be used for everyone in the design community.
Hyper zooming with scale is one of the many new features on TracePro. Users are able to zoom into any layout from a set of drawings to independent sheets, making for more accurate finished work.
Another feature is the designware function of the app which include stencils, pens, and rules. With the range of tools to choose from, TracePro allows you to create more drawings with even more precision.
For each layer of your drawings, you will now be able to maximize control by hiding or opening layers. Assigning a scale to a layer helps you make as many drawings as possible.
These features and many more are now available on the Morpholio TracePro app. Click here to learn more about TracePro and all it has to offer.

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