Modern Mosaics and Entry Ways

A modern entry way can immediately capture the eye and complement the décor of a home. It can also add more fascinating elements to a home, creating a remarkable design. An entry way can be suited to any style by choosing from a variety of mosaics. Made through ecofriendly processes, these naturals can be transformed into an elaborate finished product.  From glass and ceramic to wood and steel, mosaics create entry ways that leave a lasting impression.

Wood mosaics are great for creating an appealing and prominent look. The Wood Feel Mosaic has a tangled pattern, that shines beautifully when exposed to natural light. Complemented by a more consistent floor pattern, wood mosaics create walls that are accented and stylish. This look works with both small and large scale entry ways.

Mixed mosaics are fitting for brighter entry ways. They have a combination of light and dark pieces that create a sculptural effect. The Tribal Pearl White Mosaic features a striking design with a gloss finish, creating a more captivating ambiance.

For a sleeker look, marble mosaics can be used for both indoor and outdoor entry ways. Darker stone mosaics can be complemented with additional home décor, making a stunning combination. The Outlines Bars Mosaic comes in different shades to work with entry way style.

Feeling inspired? Take a look at our Residential Projects to view some entry ways we’ve worked on!

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