Mid-Century Modern Design Tips

Mid-century modern decorating is a trend that’s here to stay. It appeals to a variety of tastes with its streamlined silhouettes, rectangular tiles and a warm, layered look. Tile was used in some form in nearly every room in mid-century homes. Though it’s a term coined as early as 1933, it reached its zenith in the 1960s and today remains rooted in nostalgia yet offers a fresh, new feeling.

While color is an important aspect of Mid-Century Modern Design, we love the idea of creating a neutral room to allow furniture and décor to pop! Tanzania Almond offers a stunning color palette when complemented with throw pillows, lighting and wall art. The gorgeous almond color with natural sienna highlights is not only remarkable but is also ideal for creating a cozy environment. Light, neutral tones are the hallmark of Tanzania – which is one of Porcelanosa’s Seedwood Wood-Look Porcelain Tiles. The Tanzania series is available in nine different colors including Walnut, Graphite and Wine. It’s a popular choice as it adapts beautifully to any indoor or outdoor space.


Though many styles exist which define mid-century modern design, one version that we love mingles black and white with austere lines and pops of color. The kitchen pictured here uses Urban Caliza floor tiles, and look at how everything in the kitchen stands out due to the discreet flooring. When choosing wall or floor tiles, consider how your favorite lamps, plants, artwork or furniture will blend with the décor.


Another mid-century design option can be the lovely Minnesota Ash. Minnesota is another series in the Seedwood collection, which offers a range of natural wood floor and wall tiles in a range of colors that offer all the advantages of high-quality porcelain tiles. Its subtle grains are reminiscent of nature and bring lightness to the room.


For a crisp look, consider using Metropolitan Caliza—a tile that gleams whether used on the wall or the floor. It’s pictured here in a family room and is perfect for complementing the colorful wall art and built-in shelves. The modern staircase is particularly striking as it offsets the fine veins in the flooring.


If you choose Rivoli for your tile, it’s because you love the beauty and functionality of marble. Carrara marble is extracted from northern Italian quarries and its immaculate white shades and subtle grey lines create a unique, yet timeless, mid-century modern design.


Look to black, white or neutral tones when creating your color palette. In this way, you can add a touch of boldness to the minimalistic look of mid-century modern homes.

Want to see how these tiles look in person? Visit your local Porcelanosa showroom or request a free tile sample on the product’s page to be delivered directly to you!