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Tips on How to Make your Bathroom Look & Feel Bigger

Considering the amount of space that you have to work with on a project is just as important as your remodeling budget. Below are a few tricks you can use to make your bathroom look bigger, so you can effectively use every square foot and every dollar.
Mirror Effect
Using mirrors in small rooms, especially in bathrooms, will help make a space seem more vast. Don’t be afraid of using mirrors that span up to the ceiling. Make sure that you select and place mirrors strategically. Keep the amount of natural light coming into the bathroom in mind, and use it to amplify the mirror effect.
On the other hand, you shouldn’t use too many mirrors otherwise your bathroom might look crowded, which will negate all your efforts. Get inspired by our Lounge mirror.
Crucial Role of Tiling
Don’t divide your limited space. Keep tiling consistent throughout the whole space by using the same tone and color, and not much contrast. Porcelanosa offers a variety of tiles that either perfectly match both walls and floors, or have an identical design. Our Antique Grey perfectly matches the Park Silver wall tile and Oxford Silver floor tile. Take a look at our wide range of tiles for interior floors and interior walls.
Incorporating a Shower Cohesively
Some of Porcelanosa’s tiles are also available with an anti-slippery surface, which can be used on shower floors. This feature allows a shower to be integrated into a bathroom without breaking up the consistency of the tiling throughout the space.
Avoid using different materials for different sections of your bathroom in order to make the space both bigger and cleaner. Take a look at our Rox Coal Antislip Floor Tile.

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