Living Room Inspiration!

From relaxing and tranquil to lively and energetic, your living room is a commons space for all to engage in many activities. Your living room should not only be warm and welcoming, but should create the environment you and your family want to portray for your entire home.

For a more serene design, incorporate floor tiles that are inspired from the soothing outdoors. Wood look tiles are the perfect choice for this look and range from light to dark shades. The Little Oxford Natural is a beautiful, lightly shaded, wood look tile. It has tone variation feature and matte finish that is sure to add a calm feel to your living room. The Oxford Natural is also offered in antislip. For a darker wood look tile, the London Nogal has a rich brown shade and is a very popular product. Available in two different sizes, this tile also has a tone variation and matte finish. Whether you’re looking for a lighter or darker shade, wood look tiles are ideal for creating a comfortable and gentle living room.

When creating a more open and vibrant space, consider tiles that are of light shades to add more energy and enthusiasm. The Arizona Caliza is a beautiful bright tile that still has a few dark hints. Its bright beige tone is complemented by hints light brown, creating a beautiful pattern. Available in antislip and two different sizes, the Arizona Caliza is a wonderful tile choice. For a more vivid tile, the Olimpo Marfil is not only bright, but very glossy. The Marmol Crema Marfil offers the same gloss but with a slightly darker shade. The Marfil tiles’ natural shine is the completing factor for a bright and open living room.

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