Linkfloor: Innovative Luxury Vinyl

Many stray away from ‘vinyl’ associating it with the less desirable ‘linoleum’, considering it not as high quality or luxury feeling as the more popular hardwood or tiled flooring options. The truth is, vinyl has come a long way and shouldn’t be overlooked.

L’antic Colonial, a Porcelanosa company has taken vinyl to the next level while maintaining the promise that comes with the Porcelanosa brand of high quality. Porcelanosa’s LVT is one of the most resistant and stable vinyl’s available on today’s market, remaining unchanged in the presence of scratching, direct impacts, water, moisture, staining and chemical products. Taking this a step further, select models in Porcelanosa’s Linkfloor series have been upgraded from the already easy to install ‘lock system’ in a traditional board format to a new cutting-edge ‘roll’, sized at 6.5 feet by 32.5 feet. This new system makes an already easy installation process a step faster for larger areas due to its massive coverage.

Porcelanosa’s vinyl, more commonly referred to as ‘Linkfloor’ has 3 different series concentrating on a specific look or application.

Linkfloor: Contract Series

The Contract series is an extremely tough imitation of a braided textile, providing the look and feel of a fabric or carpet. Available in 8 color options, this textured series can be installed in spaces where moister and water is found, such as bathrooms and kitchens while maintaining a more inviting atmosphere than a regular tile. The Contract series, available in a board format has introduced an additional new ‘roll’ format, which is ideal for extra-large spaces, due to its expansive coverage.

Linkfloor: Oak Series

The Oak series, available in a board format, was created to be water resistant while mimicking the look of natural hardwood; becoming a popular substitution in lieu of hardwood maintenance. With 6 variations in color options, selections are just as versatile as hardwood while being twice as durable.

Linkfloor: Hotel Air Series

Lastly, the Hotel Air series adds new aesthetic possibilities together with new applications for floors and walls in residential and commercial projects and high traffic areas.

The Hotel Air collection is available in a variety of shades that give any floor, a natural wood look.

Porcelanosa has taken vinyl to a new level of luxury, allowing you to bring a durable but beautiful product into your home, with minimal maintenance. If that still doesn’t convince you, Porcelanosa offers a 15 year guarantee on all LinkedFloor products. Have we changed your mind about vinyl? Learn more below.

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