Let the Color Take Over, Dress Up your Home

Dressing up your home with vivid colors is a risk not every customer is willing to take. Mainstream colors such as white, grey or darker shades dominate over flamboyant colors because they are easy to style and combine. As perfect as these basic colors can be for interior design, it is also important to boost some extravagancy to your home and lifestyle.

Accent walls or feature walls can be the perfect start for those customers wanting to try out different styles and combinations. They add shape and dynamism, creating a breaking point from the simple ambiance in the room to the abstract.

If your idea is to bring a shinier look into the room, any Artis wall tile or Bombay Silver will create this effect. Usually, these shiny-metal looking tiles are better installed in bathrooms where bathtubs and toilets have a white color. They can also be applied on kitchens walls and be combined with marbles and stones to give it a modernistic look.

Furthermore if silver or metal tiles are too extravagant for your taste, rusty-look wall tiles like Ruggine Caldera or the Ferroker collection are better suited to create a more natural environment. It is important to bear in mind not all accent wall colors have to be ostentatious. Additionally, different shades of the prevailing color in the room are also great options to create a different environment and style, like a room with a dark grey front wall and lighter grey for the side walls.

Wood porcelain tiles are a good accent fit for walls and floors as well. They introduce a more natural look and relaxing ambiance than other tiles. One of the most striking wood porcelain tiles for accent use is the Bolonia collection. These tiles feature a stone center surrounded by a wood look border creating a a fusion of elements. Within the Seedwood collection, Eden and Noa tiles make up two of the best and most beautiful tiles to dress on walls and floors. The shape and patterns drawn over the surface emphasize the existence of the tile in the room thus the purpose of any wall/floor accent.