The Beauty of Large Format Porcelain Tiles

Gone are the days of tiny tiles on walls and floors as today we welcome large and extra-large porcelain tiles in residential and commercial interiors. Large format tiles have become increasingly popular as they provide a stunning appearance due to their minimal seam lines. The strong visual impact of this contemporary style is a favorite of homeowners, designers and contractors alike.

Porcelanosa’s XLIGHT Premium collection offers an ideal large format tile featuring design elements inspired by nature and fine marble. These extra-thin, ultra-light porcelain tiles are only 1/8-inch thick, allowing for ease of handling and transport. They can be installed atop existing tiles thereby minimizing the need to remove anything prior to installation. Sizes are 47” x 98” for walls and 47” x 47” for flooring.

Consider one of three new additions to the exclusive XLIGHT Premium collection. Bosco Grey has a three-dimensional feel with its impressive light grey marble and shimmery white veining. Liem Grey is an earth-gray hue with intertwining veins and a mix of dark grey specks. Aura Gold is a rich, white marble accented by a bold gradation of grey and gold veins.

The desire to mix indoor and outdoor elements can be highlighted with large format XLIGHT Premium as it draws attention to textures, finishes and shapes inspired by natural elements. Inspired by the XLIGHT products, Porcelanosa developed XTONE – a new large format porcelain cladding collection. Adding XTONE slabs to cover countertops, washbasins, facades, doors and other areas increases the beauty and ambiance of every room.

Large format XLIGHT Concrete Beige, Concrete Black and Concrete Grey Nature are gorgeous nature yielding a quiet peacefulness when placed in a room. The striking tiles are 39”x118” and their ability to effortlessly blend into a room’s décor is a treasure. A few carefully placed pendant lights add to the allure of a room decorated with large format Concrete Grey tiles.

Contemporary Updates

Choosing large format tiles for a small bathroom is an easy way to modernize an outdated look while also making the space feel bigger and definitely brighter. Using Aura Gold XLIGHT with its rich, white marble and bold gold accents naturally tricks the eye into seeing a larger bathroom.

Complement the updated tiles with a new vanity – such as the Lounge collection designed by Simone Micheli. This lovely wall-mounted vanity with a sink mounted on one end has a high-gloss quilted effect. Available in black and white, the large, soft-close drawer system offers extra space for storage and completes the contemporary look.

Pop a bit of lovely mosaic tiles behind the vanity for a ribbon of color or texture with Porcelanosa Savoya mosaic tiles. Savoya’s unique design combines both natural stone tile and porcelain tile pieces with an elongated shape and rounded edges.