KRION® Surface Regeneration Against Scratches

KRION®’s surface regeneration against scratches is one aspect that differentiates it from the majority of products on the market. Although KRION® is susceptible to scratches, it is possible to regenerate the material and leave it in its original state. The video showcases the regeneration capabilities of KRION® after being scratched with a piece of corundum mineral, which has a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale and is only bettered by diamonds. Black lacquered wood, marble, engineered stone,and acrylic glass all exhibit damage that cannot be repaired after the scratch test. The scratch is not noticeable with the KRION® Snow White, and although it is clearly visible in the KRION® Black Metal sample, it is capable of being regenerated to its original state after buffing the damaged area.

KRION® Solid Surface material can be produced in a variety of colors, all which have different ranges of regenerative capabilities. Click here to view the different colors available and to learn more about the scratch and UV resistance of each shade.