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KRION® Solid Surface In Your Home

Porcelanosa’s KRION® Solid Surface provides custom design solutions that will help you create your own unique space. From the purest white tone to a wide variety of grays and creams for all design styles, KRION® can be used to create custom sinks, bathtubs, showertrays, vanities, kitchen countertops, and even furniture.


KRION® is the ideal material for custom sinks because of its antibacterial properties, ease of maintenance, wide range of color options, and high durability. Because of its ability to be thermoformed, KRION® Solid Surface material sinks are available in an array of shapes and sizes. KRION® sinks have been designed for use in bathrooms and kitchens. The Unique Series can be integrated into, under, or over countertops.


Porcelanosa’s KRION® Solid Surface bathtubs have a sculptural appeal that can be used to create unique bathrooms that stand out due to their elegance and ergonomics. KRION® bathtubs are available in gentle round shapes, or defined square edges.


Due to its different components, KRION® shower trays stand out for their functionality, refined visual appeal, and potential for customization. They are available in different finishes and are made of the same easy to maintain, highly resistant, and antibacterial material as the other products on this list.


KRION® vanities feature our popular countertops with integrated KRION® sinks, and are available in free-standing and wall-mounted formats. For further customization, frontal and corner stainless steel towel rails and accessories can be used to complement the beauty and functionality of our KRION® vanities.


Due to its exclusive formula, its antibacterial properties, and the potential for creating seamless bonds, KRION® has been certified as food grade by NSF International, receiving its highest NSF-51 FOOD ZONE rating. This means that it is recommended for use in areas that have direct contact with food, such as kitchen countertops. Other materials are only certified SPLASH ZONE, meaning that they are only suitable for places where food might be spilled or splashed, but never for use in direct contact with food products.


Have a concept for a unique furniture piece in mind? KRION® can make your concept a reality. Due to the malleability of its components, you can create unique shapes that are impossible to accomplish with other materials or elements.

Learn more about our KRION® Solid Surface Material by clicking here. View our inspiration gallery for examples of how KRION® can be incorporated into your home.