Innovative Ways To Use Porcelain Panels

Porcelain is a great product to be utilized in projects for its technical benefits and ease to maintain. One of Porceanosa’s latest innovations with porcelain is XTONE – a unique collection of porcelain panels.


XTONE was inspired by the appearance of natural stone and marble, and is currently available in 16 different shades and a variety of finishes. It is highly resistant to water, chemicals, stains, and impacts. XTONE is also fire, frost, UV rays, and thermal resistant.

How Can You Use XTONE?

Because it is made out of extra-large and thin slabs of porcelain, XTONE can be used in a number of applications.

Wall and Floor Coverings
XTONE is an ideal solution to create a unifying look in a room. With matching wall and floor tile options under our XLIGHT collection, it is possible to install these items over existing tiles without having to remove them. This technique makes the entire process of remodeling much easier and cost-efficient.

Shown: Raw Smoke Nature

XTONE is a very practical material for creating custom countertops and cabinet faces. XTONE has a high resistance to stains, water, scratches, high temperature, and germs – making it perfect for a countertop application. You can also take the look a step further and use XTONE as a matching backsplash.

Shown: Aged Dark Nature

XTONE can also be used to cover vanities, drawers, and other surfaces. With its ease to clean and maintain, it is an optimal solution for use in a bathroom setting.

Shown: Lush White Nature

Want to create an eye-catching fireplace design? XTONE porcelain panels can be used to create an elegant focal point in your home.

Shown: Savage Dark Polished

Commercial Use
With its technical benefits and large size, XTONE can easily be incorporated into a number of applications for commercial use – including reception desks, feature walls, staircase coverings, and more.

Shown: Liem Dark Silk and Liem Grey Silk

Interested in using XTONE? Contact your local Porcelanosa showroom for more information.